Liar Liar

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Liar ['līər] (n): 1. A person who tells lies. 2. A writer. “Lying is essential to good storytelling. Daily, we writers sit at our computers or legal tablets or Underwoods and write down a bunch of untruths, piling one on top of the other, page after paltering page. We compound them, massage them, edit them, spin them, cutandpaste them, until we’re satisfied that, despite how outlandish or otherworldly these lies are, you, the reader, will swallow them. “In that, we’re like politicians. Except that we’re spared the hassle of running for elected office.” Sandra Brown In this gripping new audio collection you’ll find fifteen tales of deceit and deception, perjury and prevarication, falsehoods and fibs, spun by some of the finest liars in the business: Keith R. A. DeCandido • Gregory Frost • Merry Jones • Solomon Jones • Don Lafferty • Marie Lamba • William Lashner • Jonathan Maberry • Jon McGoran • Edward Pettit • Kelly Simmons • Keith Strunk • Stephen Susco • Dennis Tafoya • Chuck Wendig A portion of the proceeds from this audio collection will benefit literacy programs.
Idioma: Inglés Categoría: Relatos

Editorial: Blackstone Audio
Publicado: 2013-03-14
Duración: 9H 58M
ISBN: 9781481593649

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