Girl Play

2.0 2 5 Autor: Lucy Felthouse
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This collection contains four fantastically sexy stories, each with lesbian themes… The Inner Circle - Lucy Felthouse When Adele spots her good friends Donna and Josie spending time together and being all chummy without her, she's devastated. After seeing the two women heading into one of their houses together, she's determined to find out exactly what's going on. Peering through the front window of the house reveals more than Adele was betting on, and what's more, she likes it. Blind Date - Alanna Chappell Not all blind dates go completely wrong. Sometimes it can go much better than what we had anticipated. Sexual-tension between these two bombshells makes minding their manners virtually impossible. Perfect Proportions - Nicole Gestalt Working as a life-model Colleen meets a lot of people. On the most recent job she finds herself attracted to the artist teaching the class. To her surprise she reciprocates and once the class has left she finds herself becoming a canvas for the artist. Beach Photographer - Vanessa de Sade Set in a British seaside resort in the 1960s, Cindy walks the promenade each day in her Snappy Snaps blazer and creased white flannels, her trusty Rolleiflex camera slung around her neck. But behind the sunny façade there lurks a darker side to her nature, and Cindy desperately seeks her muse and wrestles with her own sexuality, both conundrums being resolved when she meets a voluptuous Venus at the far end of the beach…
Idioma: Inglés Categoría: Erótica Colecciones: House of Erotica Quickies: 2 Traductor:

Editorial: Andrews UK
Publicado: 2014-02-25
ISBN: 9781783336371

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