Milk Round

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Five sinfully sexy stories that lay it on with the lactation. A Simple Procedure by Vanessa de Sade In a dark fairytale forest, voluptuous Gretchen discovers that she is the only woman in the land who has milk to save the royal baby. But the King and Queen have some other ideas, and then, of course, there's a wolf… Operation White Gold by Sybil Rush Brigit is just an ordinary administrative assistant, bored at work and counting down the minutes until she can take a break to pump her breast milk, when two government agents approach her. They convince her to leave with them, and she soon learns that her milk is the key to a top-secret government operation. Will Brigit volunteer to donate her milk to save her country? And, if she does, can she handle the excruciatingly intense erotic milking that will be required? The Trickle-Down Effect by Jean Roberta Dee is on maternity leave to care for her baby daughter by her boyfriend, Brian. Dee loves breastfeeding the baby, and secretly adds her milk to Brian's morning coffee. Brian wants to marry her, but Dee is reluctant to make a legal commitment which might make her feel trapped. Dee comes to realize that no one can predict the future and that Brian has shown himself trustworthy so far. She agrees to marry him. Welcome Home! by Maxine Hooper In Adrian's absence, Janice makes do with masturbation and in the process discovers the delights of her own breast-milk. She determines that when he comes home he'll be in for a special treat. Hot Milk by V.C. A wife surprises her husband by incorporating her breast milk into his most favorite meals and treats. While she's the one that has all the surprises, her husband has one of his own.
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Editorial: Andrews UK
Publicado: 2015-07-28
ISBN: 9781783339587

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