Striking Back from Down Under

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A common theme runs though this otherwise very varied bouquet of short stories: a sympathy for the victim. Contemporary crime, science fiction, fantasy, historical adventure, all of them can be found here. A kaleidoscope of villains and heroes follow each other, waiting to entertain you. Mrs Jones leads her Takamaka Freedom Fighters to rescue thousands of prisoners from the Happy Hen Poultry Farm; an artist trapped in a twisted body finds a unique revenge when the beautiful blonde treats him with scorn; and Cynthia saves the Earth from invasion by an organism that wants to give pleasure to every human being. Bob Rich is an Australian, and many of his stories are colored by this unique and fascinating land. In another place, Cecil Tripp might manufacture bombs. Down Under, he lights a bushfire. Only in Australia could Tim OLiam be punished in just the way described in Let the Punishment Fit the Crime. And Sarah and Andrew find out about their different world-views in the beautiful Australian bush. Other stories could be set anyplace where one person preys upon another. The difference from the norm is that, in these stories, the victims show how to strike back, how the powerful and arrogant can be made to lose. Having been on the receiving end himself, Bobs sympathies are always with the victim. Stories are meant to entertain, and these stories do just that...
Idioma: Inglés Categoría: Relatos

Editorial: Vearsa - Loving Healing Press Inc
Publicado: 2013-07-21
ISBN: 9781877053054

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