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Real Life

3.0 2 5 Autor: Dr. Phil McGraw Narrador: Dr. Phil McGraw
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What if you could see around the corners of your life? There are certain days in life that stand out because they are among the toughest that you or someone you love will experience. Your quality of life is a function of how you handle these days when they arrive. Will you be ready? Will you survive and be better for it, or will you cave? In Real Life, Dr. Phil McGraw gives you a crisis plan for confronting what he believes are the seven most common critical days that you or a loved one will ever have to face: Loss - the day that your heart is shattered by death, divorce, or losing something of great value. Fear - the day that you realize you have lived your life as a sellout. Adaptability Breakdown - the day that the pressures of balancing life's demands become way too overwhelming, and you realize that you are in way over your head. Physical Health - the day that the body breaks down because of illness, trauma, or disease. Mental Health - the day that the mind breaks down and betrays you or someone you love. Addiction - the day that you or your loved one realize that you are not in control. Existential Crisis - the day that you lose your connection to meaning in your life. With the right attitude and the right information,the most challenging day can be turned into available life experience. The choice is yours. Dr. Phil's step-by-step plan for getting through the most challenging days is designed to help you feel prepared when it really matters, providing wisdom and resources to minimize disruption and maximize the recovery
Idioma: Inglés Categoría: Crecimiento personal

Editorial: Simon & Schuster Audio
Publicado: 2008-09-16
Duración: 9H 22M
ISBN: 9780743571258

Editorial: Simon & Schuster Audio
Publicado: 2008-09-16
ISBN: 9781439123225

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